About the Band

FB4K band members

The Firebird 4000 Project is a “power trio” of multi-instrumentalists with their own blend of Indie/Folk-Rock sounds. Based in the Denver, CO area, FB4K (as they like to refer to themselves) strives to create a unique experience for their fans. Inspired by bands of old like BRMC, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Braid & Hey Mercedes, their blend of folk-lyrical styling paired with catchy guitar riffs and jazz-inspired drum-beats have set this band apart as a new “fresh” sound to the world of indy-rock.

Founding members Jake Challis and Jill Blandford met in the midwest music mecca of Champaign, Illinois in 2002. They began writing and playing music together from the get-go, bringing a fusion of their previous projects together to make something new.

In the early winter months of 2007, they decided to build a project studio in Coloroado, and make a DIY record under their own label “South Ridge Records” without any intention of taking the project outside of their studio. With a solid year of writing, recording and inventing sounds, styles and lyrics, they realized their niche was a melding of indy-folk music, and released their debut album “Everything’s Alright” in October, 2008. Since then they have been tearing up the local Denver-metro scene.

Jake is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, while Jill performs lead guitar, bass, keys & synth, as well as adds some vocal flare to the mix. Their drummer, Matt Montemore, joined the band early Spring of 2010 to solidify the band’s unique sound with his added combination of classical Jazz and Rock and Roll interpretation to the blend.

FB4K has released their second album, Trinidad: Volume 1 and are already embarking on the second Volume of Trinidad, to be released early 2012.